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Calcium Tungstate

Calcium Tungstate

Calcium Tungstate CaWO4, a fluorescent material formerly used for radiologic imaging. It was used in intensifying screens to amplify the image, thereby reducing the radiation exposure to the patient. We have introduced ourselves as one of the most demanded manufacturers of best graded Calcium Tungstate (CaWO4), which is popular among our clients for their silent features.


Properties : It is used in transfer film in x-ray devices or as a contrast agent.Awhite crystalline salt CaWO4 found in nature as scheelite and used chiefly in screens for radiography, in luminous paint, and in fluorescent lamps.The crystals are characterised by using EDAX, X-ray diffraction, electrical conduction, micromechanical tests and chemical etching. The assessment of various characteristics of the grown crystals is likely to show enormous usefulness of the flux grown crystals.


This salt is soluble in water and is a moderately strong oxidizing agent, but finds no common use in the chemistry laboratory. Like the molybdate, the deep-coloured complex tungstate (VI,V) is formed on reducing the compound with a very mild reducing agent, such as complex organic compounds.


Details :

  • Physical State : Powder
  • Melting point: 1620oC
  • CAS No.: 7790-75-2

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Chemical Composition

Chemistry CT
W 50.00%
CaO 30.00%
SiO2 1.20%
P 0.05%
S 0.03%
Al2O3 1.00%
Fe2O3 0.50%

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